Welcome to the Sector 9 Store.

This is the official European launch platform for all the riders who love our brand and who are skateboarding the old continent.

Sector 9 Skateboards, California based company producing the best skateboard, longboards and surf skates


San Diego based Sector 9 is the real deal when it comes to skateboarding. Manufactured since 1993 in the USA and representing the fun side of the 4 wheels. It's people, it's great quality and dedication is unreached in the world of skateboards. Once you've tried a 9 there is no turning back.

Born in a backyard in 1993, Sector9 provides you the best skateboards and longboard since 25 years!


The story of the Nineball starts in our La Jolla backyard in 1993. At the time our house consisted of a bunch of good friends, a halfpipe, pool table, ping pong table and shaping room all just across the street from some nice smooth hills down to the reefs. Being that the house had all these fine features, it became quite the hangout spot. One of our friends from Hawaii who used to call people “nineballs” all the time in a friendly razzing sort of way, called up on the phone one day to see what was going on at the house. Of course we were all “studying” so he got the answering machine and said “Whats going on over there at Sector 9?” which to him and us meant a house full of nineballs. At the same time one of the house favorite hill cruisers, a snowboard-turned-skateboard, was stolen from Northbird in La Jolla and a couple replacement boards were almost finished and just needed the finishing touches of a logo. The message on the machine was heard and the name not only had a nice ring to it but seemed fitting as well so it stuck. The interest had been apparent from everyone who saw us skate by so we started making skateboards in our backyard. Lots of learning and a couple evictions later we were forced to move into our first warehouse in what would become the Sector 9 skateboard factory.

With a great team of riders, every skateboard in Sector9 line is the result of a long and accurate development process