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Price €299.00

While most skateboards are commuters by nature, the CATAPULT has a few added features that make it exceptional for getting around fast: the drop through truck mont and the dropped platform make this board lower to the ground. Easy to push and very stable to draw your smoothest lines with. This solid 9 plies maple deck also comes with reverse trucks and 64mm Omega Slide Wheels for your shredisfaction. 

Price €289.00

The STATIC is the perfect Board if you want to do it all. Freeride, Carving and Commuting. With this vertically laminated babe you've got it all covered.

Price €299.00

Drop through truck mounts and 0.625" drop rocket create a low center of gravity, making this board both stable and easy to push, not to mention amazingly easy to slide. The symmetrical shape and kicktails lend themselves to freeride and freestyle fun. 

Price €270.00

The Jammin is such a great all around carving and cruising board that is a little lighter and has a tighter turning radius. 
It comes with 72mm Top Shelf wheels to keep your speed and roll over cracks and rocks easily. The drop though truck mounts make the board lower, easier to push and more stable.
Perfect for all Levels.

Price €310.00
The Striker has a vertically laminated core, called VertLam and consisting of alternating caramelized and natural bamboo. The core is sandwiched in fiberglass for strength and bamboo for the look. Drop through mounted, the 10" Gullwing Sidewinder trucks give really wide leverage points for carving and a slight kicktail for functionality where you need it. Once you're on one, it's really fun to see how tight a circle you can carve!